ICL- Hardly any visibility!

The ICL 20-20 league has started, and Cricinfo doesnt seem to be devoting any web space to the league. I see news about IPL Franchisee auctions but no news about the ICL. I myself havent seen the 3 day old new league of ICL, Partly because of immersing myself in studying and being in college. My Grandmother just called me to say that she was watching the ICL, and thats when I realised that the season is on..

The ICL seems to have a decent site, as opposed to IPL
Kapil Dev, Incase you need a marketing guy, You know whom to call right? I am still waiting..... (as the song goes).

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Sheks said...

I watched a few matches of the ongoing Edelweiss 20s and I must say it's good to see the great players like Michael Bevan,Inzamam-ul-Haq,Chris Cairns etc play (FYI Bevan played in the Superstars' inaugural match against Lahore Badshahs)

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