The Goaphotoblog Part 9

Me posing after arrival on Clear sand Arambol Beach. One part of the beach had white sand, while the other part was well watered by the tides and looked like a flat batting wicket.

Its a pity, whenever I come to Goa, I come with a near full bag, or a near empty purse, so I generally never buy any souveneir like a Goa shirt, or a Hare Rama Orange loin cloth, or those typical Goa wear clothes. Its a good place to bargain, and having a Hard core Baniya like Vipul Singhal, I guess I wasted an oppurtunity.

Vipul and Varun posing in the route between Arambol Main beach and the Sweet water lake beach. Its a lovely walk as the sun sets in this part. The road to sweet water lake beach is now better, as some rocks have been cleared and that means a person need not run back to Arambol main beach before sunset. Its great to get a place to stay in this route. Most of the huts are owned by a certain Ganesh, but suprisingly all the rooms seem booked.

Memories of 21 Coconuts inn... Great CANDLE LIT DINNER at night.
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