Chennai Memoirs

After a rather nice sumptous meal off the international flight from Mumbai-Chennai(Air India Express)
I had come straight to my college reception from the airport in Chennai. Reached college at 30 minutes past midnight on 11th July. The reception was silent. Back in our batch's days, the reception, the seminar hall and veeranam classrooms were largely occupied through the night. The reception had a select band of people who always hung out till 4 in the morning, doing various things of interest, academic and non academic. The reception was a place where one carefully hid his helmet, so that prowlers at night dont come and push off with your helmet in their pursuit for 3 am breakfasts at Saidapet.

The clock shows 12 45 and no one in the reception. Times have changed! Not too long ago, Pamit would be strutting up and down talking in the reception keeping his phone at a 120 degree angle to his mouth. Vipul would be the DJ who would leave everyday guilty of not spending too much time flirting with the pile of finance books he had adjacent to the laptop. Rahul and Prachi would chat for hours, and in between would be interuppted by the prescence of Pawan or the other folks who would come down to take a leak.
I waited for a friend of mine, who finished his office shift at 2 am, and till then I met a few juniors and gave them some gyaan, after which I saw a movie from 3 am to 5 am. The rest of the day was spent on hunting for property near Singaperumal Koil. Didnt finalise on anything. My money is safe in my pocket during this real estate slump. Felt bored in the evening, met up with my engineering college friends Sudhir and Vinu at Cafe Cofee day in Madipakkam, and then hooked up with Anand for a night ride on my bike

The whole night was spent speeding down ECR,and driving in the dark and we stopped by at a beach to see the morning sunrise.

Our eyes would droop any moment, It was a long night on the bike, and was a little cold and scary too. The next day was spent in my house with Kishore and Arvind, discussing on dracula's and travel industry in general. We achieved another night of sleeplessness, all in the aim of me catching sleep in the morning train on 13th. But as luck would transpire my Dadar express waitlist number never moved beyond 12, and that made me book a Jet flight at night from Chennai to Mumbai(My purse done in by further 5.4k). Had some decent food in the flight and got back to the normal Manic Monday Mumbaikar rush. This week an extra M has been added to the Manic Mumbai, and its the spread of Malaria by Mosquitos. Need to steer clear of that for a while now.
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