Snapshots from Mumbai Last week

Walking through flooded streets, as you are listening to radio flood updates can be quite an experience!

The Mumbaikar obsession with time, seems to have been displayed too prematurely by PVR cinemas, who's display seemed to show negative numbers.

Some people never like to remove that Kingfisher tag that they got to stick on the bag. Its like a status symbol for the fast moving mumbaikar, in the densely crowded trains. Kingfisher must be smiling all the way to the bank, thanks to the viral brand bulding.

There's this theatre near my house called Gaiety, Gemini, Galaxy.... in the Bandra Talkies complex. Its an age old theatre which has played host to some of bollywood's yestertear hits from the 60's. Guess what game they have in the theatre, to lure kids accompanying their parents? Mario...!!! I guess they should soon look at market trends and adopt Road rash in some time. Just assuming that they are 10-12 years behind a generation that belived that the bow of the Ramayana/Mahabharata was more funkier than guns of GI-JOE and HE-MAN. I suddenly feel old... seeing Mario :-)
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