Thank You Zoomin!

The other day, I happened to come across Zoomin, and since I had a mail on my flight ticket that said 25 prints free, I decided to book a set of 26 prints. After the discount I I found that I had to pay for the whole excercise just 28rs(where 100 rs were discounted). I found the experience to be really good, with easy and convenient options to upload the pictures. Zoomin promptly kept me updated on the status of the courier that was supposed to reach me. It even gave me a login to check where my material was. 3 days later, I recieve a nice black bag, that said "Precious Photos Inside! Do not bend or staple". That talks about the care these guys take to deliver the product, and neatly inside the cover was a photo album to store the physical prints and a calendar showing a thumbnail of all the pictures that I ordered. I enjoyed the shopping experience on Zoom in. Might see if any offer on bigger print sizes exist, and it comes with no caveat like minimum prints to be ordered and et al(so far I havent encountered). But the customer service is what has really impressed me into thinking of a second order some time soon.

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