Colurful Day at Work

Thats the sight I saw when I came into work.

The office was plastered with Blue and Orange baloons all over. Felt like a child in some dreamy paradise :-)

Thats my workspace and the colours represent our brand's two prominent colours.

Ok the Reason for celebration...We turn 2 years. Life in a start up is always fun, than the cliched corridors of one of those industrial revolution like masses of software company.

Lovely weather in Mumbai, expecting a exciting weekend. Would have to choose between Na Jaane Tu.... and Love Story 2050, then planning a walk along the world's biggest slums in Dharavi-Mahim by heritage walks, with my former colleague at Sulekha, Vineet Pabreja. Then probably a long walk along Marine Drive in the rains with an umbrella and a trip to Haji Ali, ....long wishlist.... and ya If High 300+ totals are not being scored, I could tune in to Star Cricket. Saw two of my Dreamjob mates doing well on Television. Jatin Sapru was interviewing some Srilankan cricketer with his kitbag, on Star Cricket, while Shireen Dastagir is partly hosting MTV Wassup at 8 am
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