Nice Rainy Weekend

Thats the view from Lower Parel Railway station. Strangely, whenever there is a call
for a Great Lakes reunion in Mumbai, the rains start to come from nowhere.

Thats my Dean, Prof Bala Balachandran, speaking during our Alumni meet and the information session, that we had on friday at IMC in Churchgate.

View from the park in Bandstand. Since its 10 minutes away from my place by walk, decided to walk it. Had an amazing experience in the rains. Best was the time, I lost control of the umbrella. It was safely entagled in a barbed wire, while I was sipping a tender coconut amidst heavy rains and winds.

Another view of the Mumbai skyline from Bandstand, near the old fort.
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Sheks said...

Looking at your photos of Mumbai only remind me of the fact that there is a lot left to see in Mumbai.How I wish I could see all those places!

Kartik Kannan said...

Hey sheks! just buzz me next time ur in Mumbai. Will take you around! This is close to my house.

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