IIPM Best B-School in India-Did You Know That?

Can't believe CNBC actually published this story on IIPM !

In the age of news reporting, where every news is Breaking news, I am sure this story finds its place. IIPM's recent ads talks about 2 students who made it big with some big international company. One says that IIPM was instrumental in getting her an admission abroad. So it means that the foreign degree helped them to get where they are. Cant IIPM's thinktank even figure this when they place the ad spending crores on print media?

Man, I get my daily dose of laughter when I look at their ads. Now they have gone overboard with this news. I am sure the folks at IIPM will now buy more premium print space to announce this. Where IIPM really offers unmatched value, is as a 'valued advertiser' willing to burn money, and the amount of hype it generates in the media(print/web/tv). The media will love talking about them, as IIPM always raises eyeballs with saner folks, who create bad blood, and with the rest who see them as the messiah for the one's who didn't make it past even a basic grade in CAT.

IIPM is not yet there, and they need to stop making an ass of themselves. It would be great if such an institute really challenges the TOP 10 B schools, as that would mean more quality students passing out. As on today, I dont quite think IIPM is anywhere close to it(dont ask how, gut feel, seeing their ads)

Ok, I stop here. Cant take so much laughter for an evening!
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Thanks Vipul Singhal, for pointing this link, and making my evening memorable

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Saumya said...

Recently even Zee News has put IIPM at number one slot(above IIM's) in international exposure category. The interview given by the two students of IIPM on Zee News was pathetic......I think they are making mockery of themselves..its a pity ;)

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