The Week That Was

So one Thursday evening, after a tired day at work, a few of us decided to unwind at Hardrock cafe in Worli.
The place is very customer friendly and so it will be when you pay 314 rs for a starter :-). Somehow I havent yet woken up to the idea of running huge bills at overpriced restaurants in the name of night life, with a few songs in the background

But you see, the world isnt like Kartik Kannan, they enjoy their smoke,drinks and dance. Looks like a tradition here where people dance for this song called "Y M C A" where even the guys who serve you, shed their inhibitions and dance along with the crowd. My classmate from Great Lakes was also dancing on stage, with his Godrej Pals.

Navneet may be a one step wonder, but he does have the enthusiasm and guts to go dance in front of a 100 odd people at midnight, which few people have. His team of Management trainees from Godrej, seemed to have a blast. Navneet Ganapathy was my batchmate in Marketing at Great Lakes last year.

Thats another Godrej guy, called Arunachalam Swaminathan, who chose to avoid the night at Hardrock, and joined me for lunch and "Contract" on Saturday. Arunachalam, is an awesome dancer, and has a highly contrasting reticent image of going into a shell when he suddenly speaks of terms like transcdental meditation,Vivekananda and Ramana Maharishi. He is actually vacillating between both these worlds, and is largely a follower of old adages, as and when he gets bored. BTW Arunachalam was also my batchmate in Marketing at Great Lakes.

The rest of the week was spent watching Aamir and Mumbai Salsa. None of the movies actually caught my imagination. Pretty average movies. The whole of Sunday was spent sleeping and catching up on unpaid bills. So here's to a new week and new resolutions to keep the room clean.
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