Mumbai some times tires you, and I am no different. I guess its the long walk from office to Lower Parel, and from Bandra station to Pali hills. I cant take a taxi as the road is jammed with the autos and the taxis and the sea of humanity that fights time. So I prefer taking a walk and that ends up tiring me. What if i were to end up taking a house in Navi Mumbai or Mira Road? I guess I shouldnt invite heart attacks upon myself :-) . Secondly India isnt playing cricket for me to find the fastest route home also. We were thrashed by Pakistan, due to some unimaginative cricket. Today the Lankans seem to be piling it on. It remains to be seen what happens later in the evening(7 20 pm in Mumbai is still evening hehe ). Time to head home! and get set for a long day in office tommorow...err....not really we have a party tommorow at 7 pm, so it means a day where lot of work needs to get done, else I stamp my weekends with the clatter of word and excel files

Happened to chance on a video on WATBLOG about an interview with my company's founder. Hope that helps you to get an intro of the company that I work for. Watch the youtube interview below. The host of the show does get on your nerve sometimes, but thats the beauty of youtube where amateurs learn from their mistakes and better their videos.

One of Cleartrip's advertisments in Television Media :-) Love this ad...

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