Branding Via Blogs

That is the topic I would be speaking at Blogcamp, next month.I have just started my presentatation and hope to present a synopsis here on my blog before I make the presentation there, so that I can elicit more views and comments from my readers.As one of the organizers of Blogcamp, only the arrangement of the speakers and the key note special guests are pending from my end. I guess , we would be able to so that when we get the final confirmation of folks speaking there,and that should be done by September 1st.

Blogcamp, is India's biggest Blog seminar in the unconference mode,which elicits participation from all seated in the auditorium.Though there would be a slight deviation especially when certain keynote speakers like Robert Scoble light up the auditorium, as it would shift to the conference mode.To confirm your partipcation at the event click here to give your names.

Talk about Branding, dont you think katchucrap is due for a brand makeover? or do you like it the way it is.please do let me know.
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Prashanth said...

What a nice blog this is! Congrats Kannan, on real good work.

dimbulb said...

Nope. Don't change it.
Been reading your blog for over a year and a half.
And so have come to expect writing and rants of a certain kind...

And if you had a makeover, then would think that I had come to the wrong place...

So , votes for Keep it = 1.
And nay sayers so far = 0

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