First day Penultimate show,was what I mad it to on Friday.I saw KANK on the opening day.I am still putting my thoughts over the movie.expect a review a little later in the day.Might go for the movie again, as a partial experience of the movie was spoilt by the fact that the audio and acoustics at EGA theatre was a poor shadow of the acoustics at Sathyam cinemas.

This is also the third movie that I have gone on day 1. I did a FDFS for "Na Tum Jaano na Hum" in 2002, thanks to the fact that Melody theatre was 25% full.The second one being "Swades" in a rather rickety theatre in Jayanagar,Bangalore as PVR was booked to maximum capacity.(Incidentally am just back after watching a rerun of "Swades" on Star Plus).

Just a sneak peak...of KANK- I loved the movie,despite some flaws only karan johar can make,as seen in his genre of movies.Expect a review soon.

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