Some time back I was playing the song"Tanha Dil" of Shaan, and immidiately my mind was transported to a few weeks back(Aug 4) to be precise, of my trip to Hyderabad.It was raining heavily and was incessant, though the heaviness towards the evening made a see saw between a drizzle and a downpour.I obviously didnt anticipate the rains, so I was caught unawares. No Auto was willing to ply between IMAX theatre and the Nampally station, so I had to walk it across to the station which took me close to an hour in the rains.I had to walk across this lovely stretch of the Hussain sagar lake for about half an hour, when the dampened mood of the rains and water all over was revived when my walkman played "Tanha Dil".It was a lovely feeling walking across the lake,with music blaring in your ears, giving you a feeling that the whole city can hear the music. Though "Tanha Dil" isnt exactly a rain song you would assosiate with Movies,I simply loved the walk,across the Hussain Sagar lake along with my friend Kishore.

To Summarize

Auto from Nampally to GachiBowli-150 bucks
Movie at Imax- -180 bucks
Relaxed walk across the Lake with some music-Priceless
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