Tagged for the second time in a week. This time its Ash, so here goes.

I am thinking about -

Which B school would I end up next year?
Why I seem to sleep a lot these days?
When would I finally compose my thoughts on my short story?
Why have I lost interest in eating out?

I said

" Life is one fine 75 overs cricket ball, you never know when it
starts to reverse swing"

I want to finish my unfinished short story sitting in a hammock in Goa

I wish I had a profession like Emraan Hashmi and a girl friend like Kate Winslet

I hear that Coke and Pepsi may actually be a cheaper option to HIT and other desi pesticides.

I wonder if one fine day some body would say "My role model is Kartik Kannan "

I regret not spending enough quality time with friends, as work and studies keep me busy.

I can't be sychophantic

I am K A R T I K and not K A R T H I K and not K A R T H I C K

I dance when I am on the road , with a walkman plugged on, more so unoblivious of the onlookers gaping at me enroute to the local suburban railway stations.

I sing " like Kishore da in the bathroom and shaan in the toilet"

I need to be careful with my possessions.

I cry - Long time actually since I did that...

I make Probable business plans and ideal pick up lines when I am vetti.

I write when I feel the impulse of sharing my thoughts with you lovely people.

I confuse

Sometimes a Girls voice, calling A's name when B talks.
between Remuneration and Renumeration
between Rollicking and Rockilling.

I miss those lovely simple and innocent DD days of the early 90's .

I will learn to become a better storyteller and photographer next year.

I should try and holiday more and explore more virgin locations.

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Random thoughts from Chennai to Canada said...

Good one....I wonder how frustrated you get when people refer to you as Karthick or Karthik :P

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