Travel Blues

One thing that I have observed over my travel plans in the recent past is that, whatever I plan for a trip to a unknown place, half the plans go kaput, simply because there are other interesting things that one can opt for at the place where we go,which we were not aware of.That shows an interesting piece of data, that most places in detail are not covered properly by one source,even though Outlook Traveller seems exhaustive, there's more to it than what meets the eye.So lets say, if i need to cover the best places in a given area in a given time frame, I am simply not able to do taht and plan judiciously sitting at home, simply because of lack of information.Lets take for example my last trip to this sleepy western town of kumta and Gokarna,which I had planned extensively from journals on google,but there was a lot more to the place that could be seen or summed up.For example I thought there were only- 2-3 decent hotels there, but there were some lovely ones right on the beach, which I knew only after some extensive mountain trekking to reach that end of the beach at Kudle.

All one needs is a backpackers travel agent who also provides the high end luxury travellers,as if someone undertakes this massive operations of giving directions and planning the logistics for backpackers also, I feel this could be a burgeoning market that still lies untapped. The net return from such a transaction of a 100 rs per night shack, for the travel operator can be less, but if he can do enough marketing to increase volumes,this might just prove to be lucrative business for him.

I encountered this difficulty even more, when I was planning my trip to Goa , late last night with the help of Google and Outlook traveller.As of now its a pretty consrvative plan,as I dont know about the other places that may/may not be accesible to northern Goa. I am actually thinking, if I have the money and I can form a team of tourists, then this a lovely business,which apart from the money provides the backpack traveller a lot of options to choose from.

Hmm Any Venture capitalist seeing this blog, ping me :-)

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