Inzy vs Hair

This is the latest match thats going on.I seem to get a feeling that Darrel hair, the world's 3rd most experienced umpire currently,needs to hang his boots and go on a vacation.He seems to be extremely prejudiced against the subcontinental teams.I remember how India and sri lanka were traumatised with some poor umpiring decisions in the yesteryears.It's good to see Pakistan take a stand where they would not want Hair officiating in any of the matches that they play in. If the same thing had happened to a Ricky ponting or a Greame Smith, due to an Indian umpire, I bet they would have made more noise than what is being made.

Murali was treated badly by hair with the "no balling" fracas 11 years back and was not even spared in Hairs's Biography,where Murali was labelled names and his action was said to be diabolical.The most vivid incident I remember, dring my childhood days was when Hair,gave Nasser hussain not out,off Javagal srinath ,when the ball clearly hit his bat down the legside and Mongia snaffled it,but much to the consternation of the Indian unit, Hussain survived at 13 to go on to make a valiant 109,which changed the circumstances of the Edgbaston test of 1996,which India famously went on to lose.

Just as the ICC penalises players for bad behaviour, I guess umpires should also be made accountable for being the tool for players to get instigated.Mr Hair, I think you have had enough of adventure down the 22 yard strip,and you must step down,otherwise the players are going to have a misadventure when you are officiating.

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The Talkative Man said...

What next? A petition to the ICC to allow bowlers to tamper 15% of the ball?

Your complaint on Hair is mere emotionalism and has nothing to do with the state of the ball as the *TWO* umpires saw fit. That's what they were for.

Giving an old ball to a Pakistani bowler is like offering a babysitting job to a paedophile.

Apropos the 1996 Test, Indians were completely *outclassed* in the first half of the series. At no point during the 1st half did they seem capable of winning a test or an ODI. Even India were good enough to win the test, surely they must have had enough chances when an out-of-form batsman made 96 more runs. As such they got thrashed by 10w :-)

Javed Akthar's lbw of Thorpe took India to the Super Sixes in the 99WC.

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