Hi folks

I thought I should share an experience I had yesterday which really lifted my spirits .
Yesterday I had been to Hindustan engg college for the second day of their symposium ELUMINATE 04 . I had very specifically come to take part in the quiz and mock placement events. I flunked the quiz , but was somehow able to qualify the prelims aptitude test , as 1 among the 8 out of the 400 odd students who took the test ( one thing that helped me was at least half of that were 2nd and 3rd yr junta ) .

As I was writing my resume , a guy from SATYABAMA ENGG COLLEGE came and sat next 2 me . This guy qualified first with a nett score of 14 , while I qualified 8th out of 8 with 12 as my nett. This guy was endlessly bragging about his exploits and was speaking as though the mock interview was a cakewalk for him . The guy strangely behaved by asking us to preay to god so that the preponed dates of our univ exams get postponed and his manner of talking was absolutely weird . He spoke with an air of arrogance , by asking me my BE percentage , which was 72 versus his 82 odd something

The guy started to look at me as if I wasn’t worth my place in the gd finals . I must admit that his mannerisms got myself and and my friends tickling with laughter , but at the same time ,made me a little uncomfortable , but I somehow consoled myself saying nerds from sathyabama are always like that….

Once I went into the GD , the topic sounded familiar (IIM fee reduction:justify ) , but what was a little debilitating and intimidating was the fact that the other qualifiers were from venakteshwara,anna univ,NITS, RVCE(bangalore),SATHYABAMA etc…..
But once the GD started I was able to maintain my calm and suprisngly the braggart from sathyabama didn’t qualify to the final round of 4 for the interview , whereas I qualified and went on to win the event comfortably

The essence of sending u this mail is to drive home the point that , never underestimate urself in the might of competition even though u may feel intimidated by some of their remarks. As long as u can digest their crap as a bubble gum and spit it out when not required ,and focus on doing ur job well , then that kind of an attitude can just keep u going to the place where u intend going……

This victory was all the more sweet with my SYMBIOSIS interview slated nex week.

Any nice experiences from ur side are welcome….

Bye ppl

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