One of my friends,Srikanth is conducting CAT Quant classes in a short 2 week period, beginning on October 2nd.He is a good friend of mine,and is god when it comes to solving maths.He has a penchant for teaching and is surely a great friend to have.He is pretty well on his way to get his seat in IIM-A this year.

here is his pitch
The Market is Bullish and so am I.

1. Are you a serious aspirant of CAT-06 ?

2. Are you willing to spend Rs. 500/- to boost your chances of cracking QA by manifolds?

3. Do you wanna be absolutely confident about Numbers and Geometry?

Then you just got lucky .... coz herez a course that gives you all that u can dream about in just 2 weeks time .

What i offer ?

1. 14 classes ,each of 2 hours duration, on high profile topics like Numbers, Geometry , Permutations- Combinations and Probability , Time and Distance .

2. Each topic will be covered in 3 classes . The first class will be down to earth fundamentals on that topic and the 2nd and 3rd classes will be on problems and concepts which have missed the radar so far .

3. A maximum of only 15 students would be accommodated in a batch .


1 . A thorough fundamentals + different types of questions selected would keep you armed to tackle QA on the D-DAY .

2. The problems selected are to be found no-where and have evolved out of in-depth research in the above topics and hence could be in the radar of CAT 06.

3. As an introductory offer, 2 classes of DI are conducted , absolutely free of cost, where in the best of the best sets are handled and some mind boggling methods are taught in a simple manner .

For further details - contact: Srikanth: + 91 9840362645 mail:srikabala@yahoo.co.in

Fees : Rs.2500/. only.

Note : If for some reason , you feel the course is sub - standard and you didnt benefit from it much , Rs. 2000 will be returned back immediately . The above is applicable only if you choose to quit in the first 3 classes of the course . Scheduled to start from October 2nd,2006

Note: If for some reason there is a mismatch between what is offered and your expectation at the end of the third class, you have the option to quit and Rs.2000/- will be refunded.

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Sidharth said...

Nice blog you have here....

I really liked the post about the verandah where you played cricket during your childhood days.I guess everyone of us started our cricket "careers" in a verandah ;)

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