Rat Race Blues

Some times, as I sit near the window on the Chennai Suburban trains and gaze outside and click a picture, I get the feeling that my life is quite similar to the photo above.Life is going too fast and still I wake up to the feeling of "Oh ! I still havent done this " and find that even as I can accomadate different things in a day, there are still certain thinngs that are left out.Life is slowly becoming judged on ROI. I seem to miss the days of yore...12-13 years back.I feel life was more simple those days, I had met lesser hypocrites in life then and ya, whatever I did, was at my own pace.These days, I see stress, in the small things that I do.Life for sure has changed a lot...and it requires a lot of soul searching to find that inner peace of contentment. There is more to it...than what I say here, but its just that amidst life's happiness that is present, the hapiness seems to be punctured by the gamutof things that are required for day to day existence and the plate seems to be always full.There's no time for everything...

or is it a problem of perception and execution? Well I need to go back to my room and ask what is it that one expects from life and why? this may sound like "reinventing the wheeel", but somewhere down, I feel I may have missed the lovely conversations the heart has with the brain,in this maddening rat race called life.I know whatever is happening, is because directly or indirectly I have made a choice to expect these results, but it probably needs some reading "between the lines". Lets see what the weekend can do to lessen the instincts arising out of ROI fever.

More on this later. I have decided to visit my college and go there for a few hours just to meet up a few folks...and a friend of mine,who lives near college(3 years since I went to his house).Lets see whether a trip down memory lane applies the brakes affectively on this fast mode of life.
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Sheks said...

emotional Trip down memory lane??

Nitesh said...

I agree with you. The memories of past keep re-appearing in mind and when we look back, past seems to be more elementary and pretty than the present...specially when it has been more than a decade!

But if you take yourself in that time, you will realize that at that time, again, you had the same feeling and after 10-12 years, down the line, this time will appear in same frame.

So, according to me, it is purely our perception. It is I, you and anyone else, how has control of his life and only he can make it the way he wants it to be.

Good to see that you are also an ex-infoscion like me...with few more similarities.

Nice blog. Keep writing. Thinking of being a regular visitor :).

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