My First Interview at Blogcamp 2006

I managed to catch up with Sunil Gavaskar,at Blogcamp after his session got over.It was a lovely experience to speak to Gavaskar,albeit though only for 15 minutes.Sunil, apparently was invited over by Yahoo! as Sunil Gavaskar podcasts for Yahoo.The director and the corporate communications person were pretty supportive of me taking the interview.Here goes the interview...

It was a lovely sensation interviewing him.Gosh 10 years since my first one happened at the M.A.Chidambaram stadium since I interviewed God (Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar).


Startups.in/India said...

Looking for a career in Cricket journalism, Kartik? ;-)

Good job.


Nag .B

Kannan Raman said...

good questions, gr8 answers, good work

thetalkativeman said...

SMG's uncle Madhav Mantri having kept wickets for India, I'd surmise that the family environment also matters a good bit before one decides whether or not to go into full time sport. Dont think many from TN would aspire to go into cricket..

very good interview all in all.

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