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The past 2-3 days have been pleasant in Chennai with a rather sedate and gloomy morning which then gives way to the normal hot and humid afternoons,before the weather gods slowly descend to spend the evening with the chennaites with ominous signs of rain about to pour. Sadly the rain, does not last all that long, preferring to show its might in the wee hours of the night and early morning. Its an advantage allright, so that the morning office goer is spared of commuting helter skelter in the rain,but at Madipakkam, in suburban Chennai, an hours rain is all it takes to make the roads as spongy as a heated Dairy milk chocolate.I had a terrible time trying to plough my bike out of the muck,with 2 huge lorries, a few cars and a score of 2 wheelers honking behind me, so as to move further to get out of the morning traffic rut.Those few seconds of honking,seemed like eternity, if the bike gets stuck and all that kicking doesnt start the bike,and you finally end up splashing your newly polished shoe in the mucky browny paste that the road has become. You tend to feel as if the whole world is against you for that split second,and try fervently to get the damn bike started.It takes a couple of kicks more than a half a dozen for the bike to realize the gravity of the alarming situation behind to stop throwing tantrums and get started.

After all that anger and frustrations moments back, once the traffic congestion easens and vehicles are back at a level playing field in commuting, the pleasure of driving the bike with a smile returns rather a few minutes too late.

You tend to laugh all the more, when you realize that this happens 3 days in a row and this is not the first time, it has happened.Sometimes we start the day with viewing it as a watertight compartment,unoblivious of the foibles of the day just gone by.When such a thing happens, you are without doubt having a fast life :-)
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Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

Look at the bright side... the rain Gods kept their appt. Lets thanks them

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