Malaysian Tri Series-DLF Cup 2006

As , I write about this, the India WI match has started with India getting a decent start at 8 runs an over.What saddens me is the fact that whole of Chennai must be ruing about. Yes, it is the non availability of cricket coverage for the DLF cup.I have a set top box at home, but I hear that Zee Sports is given only to Dish TV subscribers, thereby depriving the SCV community of set top box subscribers lurching on to catch the odd 30 second news clip to see the action.Alternatively there is Youtube, but nothing like the pleasure of watching a match live.

Looks like I have to depend on these 2 sites Cricinfo and Sulekha .

Picture Courtesy: Cricinfo and AFP

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ttm said...

1. Download the Klite Codec Pack (google).
2. Install the software *WITH* Windows Media Player Classic(It's not by microsoft).
3. Play the video with Media Player Classic. Pause when you like and choose "File->Save Image As" -> BMP File(May allow JPEG).
4. Download IrfanView(google) to crop your images and/or convert from BMP->JPG

I personally love WMP Classic as it can play any kind of audio/video format imagineable *including* DVD and lets you extract images :) The only con is you cant have a playlist.

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