Katchucrap LIVE from BlogCamp

Blogcamp just kicked off,in the perfect unconference mode.Kiruba started the proceedings at 9 15 by just giving a brief talk as to how the concept of Blogcamp started.Satya Prabhakar, the CEO of Sulekha , gave a session on human attention,whic more so talked about the fact that, nobody has a right to an audience,but only a right to write,which is more so true,as an audience is generated by the blogger working hard to generate an audience.I have personally heard more of his views at work,so it was nothing new for me,but I must say, he has an awesome way to captivate an audience,and he sure did with the audience here at Blogcamp.Satya also elucidated the fact that human attention is critical in cultivating a brand around a Blog.

After Satya's session, We had a small session on people speaking about their personal experiences with Blogging and how its changed their life.Dina Mehta spoke about how addictive blogging has been to her,sometimes connecting to people on the web,much closer than her 16 year bonded husband,which she honestly said could be looked upon as a minor strain.There was a dose of humour in what she said,but honestly Blogging does seem to connect people as much as it estranges people in real life. Geeta Padmanabhan, from THE HINDU,also happened to opine that her son-in-law too blogs, and a rather famous one at that (Basab Pradhan from Infy).

On a personal front Blogging using Wi-fi seems cool.This is the first time, I am doing this and it sure is entertaining.

I have posted a few pictures from the event

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