Winged Dreams

The story of Nandini, Anne, Wahid and Aryan, through the sunny halls of love, hope and friendship into the darkest alleys of betrayal and nightmares - says the blurb

My Friend Deepak is all set to launch his first book "Winged Dreams".I havent got a copy of it yet,but knowing him to be a part of the Infosys Chennai INK writers club, and a very famous one at that, I bet this must be pretty good. My assosiation with Deepak goes down to the summer of 2002, when Deepak along with his friend Nikhila had sent their paper for a technical paper presentation at our college symposium.My benchmate Achut, who was one of the co -organizers of the symposium, saw the oppurtunity in inbviting a girl over and immideately selected their paper.Incidentally Deepak and Nikhila went on to the win the presentation and cash of 3000 bucks. Since then I have met Deepak many times at college festivals and finally got to know him better when we used to meet up for a 4 o clock snack at Infy Chennai's foodcourt.

Deepak has quite a decent reader following in Infosys and his book launch is schheduled to take place at the Mahindra City campus.Though the official launch got delayed due to some unavoidable reasons, the book, I hear is available at major bookstores.

Deepak other than cringing his face while coding, also dabbles in film/documetary's one of which got acclaim and the third prize in an intra -Infy film making contest.

In case you are not able to find the book You can mail deepak at yeshudeep at gmail dot com.Incase you find the book and read it, please do pass on a review of the book to Deepak.I would be trying to get my hands on the book soon.

It actually feels good to see some one release a book of his own.I was inspired a year and a half earlier when my friend Sudharsan did it and now Deepak with Winged Dreams has only made me be belive that publishing a book of one's own may just be possible.I started writing a short story, but it never found the light of the day, as I was pre occupied with work and other priorities.Lets see, incase my writing has takers, i too should be inspired to complete my book in time to come.

Way to go deepak...


Anonymous said...

hi kannan, this is rajaraman.r from chennai. i feel ver plesent to go through to ur blog. its very interesting. i like it.

smiley said...

all the best, go for it :)

sumod_talking said...

my feelings exactly... have thot abt doin it myself but then i keep coming up with these cliched ideas and then there is so much work to do too...

Deepak Yeshwanth said...

This is Deepak :) unfortunately my email id changed as my gmail id was hacked and the account deleted by some nefarious person

It is now deepyeshu@gmail.com

Also along with my gmail went away my orkut and Blog accounts :(

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