Images from day 2 of Blogcamp

Jammy Gloating over a Top-less jean clad babe on Ash's Laptop which went Kaput after Jammy's big smile.That was Jammy's best session at Blogcamp...oops before Blogcamp started. Click on the image to get a better view

That is Sharad Haksar at Blogcamp, who showed some of his pictures.Sharad is an ad professional who makes brand campaigns via photography.His adcampaigns have some lovely pictures.Remember the kid,who takes a leak at a wall,which has the Nike byline"JUST DO IT".
The Ad for the Chennai water problem, was an awesome ad,which shows that coke flows freely in Chennai, than drinking water.That is the ad shown in the background,which was at the centre of a controversy a few years back.He uses a camera that consumes 350 mb, for a picture...Now thats Clarity,and here I am gleaming at my 3.1 Megapixel digicam.

Sunil, for one didnt want to lose his "free Yahoo Blogcamp bag" so he made sure that even if it was lost, it would come back to him.

This was one of Sharad Haksar's pictures that had the audience in Splits.

This was when Sunil Gavaskar spoke on his experiences in podcasting.I never knew he was called a "Colour Commentator", as his job role demands.It means that he is expected to add colour to the proceedings, in a podcast, to talk about things that were not so easily discernible on the game.I also happened to get a small 5 minte interview with Sunil Gavaskar,which is relayed below via Youtube.

That was in the morning,when I spoke on" How people use blogs as a branding tool".It went on for about 15 minutes,as there were far too many people queing up to speak.I did enjoy the experience of researching on the topic.I also did manage to speak with the Hindu senior reporter Geetha Padmanabhan, on my experiences with Blogging, apart from interacting with a host of other blogger folks today.I also gave a 2minute gnyaan on Blogging to Aaj Tak.Given my luck with the media, I dont expect to be covered:-).

Had a great weekend at Tidel. See you at Blogcamp 07.


Sudhir said...

Kartik, Great stuff.

Went through quite a bit of yr blog, and enjoyed the content. The video interviews, in particular. Keep it coming.

Catch up with you in your office sometime.

Kartik Kannan said...

Thanks sudhir

Raghuveeran said...

hi spammer...gr8 to meet u once again in blogcamp...

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