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LAN has often been a guy misconstrued by many people,as a crazy guy...simply because of his mouth that get's him into trouble and he starts trusting people too early in a relationship expecting things too early from his friends.

But amidst all that , what I can see of LAN and interpret is that this guy may be a maverick,but has tremendous potential to fight against the odd's in life.His life was never a bed of roses, as is for most student's but he came up the hard way ...working part time while studying to pay up for his education..and also managing his house.The strangest things on planet earth seem to happen only to him ....but that's LAN ...one of my good friend'about whom I admire a lot for his innate talent and resourcefulness.He is one of the kind,who would speak thing's that look out of the world.,but by and large he seems to have been quite succesfull and looks all set to achieve something in life,which I truly feel he will.. However rustic he might be ..his attitude,determination and mouth are his biggest assets-cum-strengths that annuls his rusticness and the trouble's he gets into.

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indha loosa loose kanan eduthanda !

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