It was a great experience at INFY Chennai's own version of Olympics ,trying and coordinating with the team,suggesting new ideas,implementing them and finally cohesively executing them on stage gave me a great feeling of satisfaction.Everyone's part worked to a T ....I was able to make the audience realise that ,whatever mimicry I did ,reached them and they understood the humour part of it,while Sudhin and Nina's parts were also executed with pinpoint precision.The only thing that made me feel,we would not win ...was the fact that the other IBU's/Domains seemed to have put on an equally terrific "variety entertainment show" .It was going to be tough to be among the coveted 2 slots amidst such heavy competition.

Though I had planned on the mimicry part aping cricketers(sachin,srikanth,geoff boycott,tony greig,ganguly) , another team just before us had also done a mimicry .........show where they aped a few actor's superbly ,which actually received a much louder applause than mine. Then came another guy...who seemingly made his team's effort a one man show mimicing various artistes from the cine field and he did an amazing job .......and had every one present there in splits. When such things happen ...on one side , u appreciate the guy, but on the other hand ,one tends to worry ,whether the opposing team may win.

The results were finally announced .......the guy who mimiced the actor's had definetely swung the public opinion and of the judges too.They had instantly made a dent on the scoring table , by coming second.I knew our chances were still there,coz our performance was great considering the fact that it was flawless and we had all sorts of emotion's portrayed ..from being humorous to being desolate and pensive(portaying the tsunami.. skit).

The judges ...just asked the audience......to guess who would be the winner and in unison people said RETAIL (MY DOMAIN) but the judges thought otherwise and said no it's not RETAIL but RETL (THAT'S HOW MY DEPT NAME IS WRITTEN).....and boy! , for that one second my heart skipped a beat ......only to find out that the judge was playing with word's and as luck would have it .....W E W O N ........ and that simply set in the adrenalin for the evening(or night ..it was 9 45 pm when we left).

But that one second where the judge ..delayed the announcement of the result ,My inner thoughts were like the familiar 12 B story .....what happened if we lost , the other side ...what happened if we won .........There were 2 paths ..mentally being created even as the judges were coming to announce the result...thankfully the positive patr prevailed.

That was the case of the VARIETY ENTERTAINMENT EVENT.....today we MAD AD'S , so lets see whether lady luck follows us once more this evening. The photo's will soon be put up.

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