My MAN " THE L-A-N "

My MAN " THE L-A-N ", originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

Today I happened to meet one of my college mates,who currently is posted in
Satyam computer's in Hyderabad.He had come here on a short visit ..and I happened
to go and meet him and relive some of our college moments. We call this guy LAN
(lakshmi narayanan).He is quite an enterprising guy..who has an amazing attitude when
it comes to dealing with any work you would give him.Also not to forget , his mouth
when opened is really hard to shut ...as left alone he would go on yacking ...more so with a war like "HAVE MOUTH-WILL TALK" attitude as isthe case with my Other college mate M.S.Arvind.

LAN to me ..was in a single sentence the guy who epitomised the saying "change is the
only thing that is constant in Life.He was a guy who had breakfast in delhi,lunch the very
afternoon at Mumbai..finished his work and snack at bangalore a few hour's later and
finally was home for dinner and all of that within the 24 hour's.This was what he
said while he was in college...and it sure had us in split's.More hilarious than that
was the story where he took a girl for dinner at 8 to the Raddison's and then after a
purse pinching expensive dinner,he took the girl(who was from Delhi) to a movie called
"thulluvatho illamai"and after the movie got over at 2,drove her all the way from Ayanavaram
to adyar and slept the night with her ...(any inference is at your own risk)..and the
following morning got up at 7 30 ..and again took the car from the girl's place and drove
home to perambur from Adayar in 30 minutes flat...(amidst the peak morning traffic heh !) and managed to change his clothes and catch a Local bus to college and was in college by 8 15.

This story was told ...on that day when we were catching a bus in the evening after college..and I just wondered Whether steven speilberg was having competition..to his JURRASIC PARK , as LAN's story was such a fast-moving racy one....and just as he finished the story with a deep breath,he cooly turned to my side and said "Machan ...nethikku oor suthinathale kaase ille da..oru pathu ruva kuden (TRANSLATED--> Boss, In yesterday's mad rush..I spent all the money ,I am totally broke now,can u gimme 10 bucks).sO Here was a RICHES TO RAGS STORY in 5 minutes flat.

He was a maverick who would go shopping in a 5 STAR hotel and who knows ..barely a couple of hour's later would be seen with an empty purse,thinking twice about entering a potti kadai asking some one for some money (fiver's and tenner's).

He even wrote a Book for engineering students "HTML MADE EASY" which was published in 2003,for which he himself couldnt understand what he wrote and struggled to passthe exam...with the bare minimum....
U see ....he was a highly enigmatic person ..who vacillated on the extremes..he was brainyone second and the next ..would do something really clumsy...
So as we met today we were discussing all our college life and how life's just gone by...


joshy said...

hey kannu....its too good...make one such post for our aravind too...u will be having more to write for aravind than LAN

VENKY BHAI B.E.B.S said...

Machi....u can rite more abt ur HOD n Arry than LAN....anyways i agree with u on whatever u wrote abt LAN!!!!!!!!!

VENKY BHAI B.E.B.S said...

Machi....u can rite more abt ur HOD n Arry than LAN....anyways i agree with u on whatever u wrote abt LAN!!!!!!!!!

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