In our all famous AVADI BUS

The AVADI bus has to find a mention on this blog.There were certain bused\s that were designated to go from college only upto Avadi to cater to the needs of the students who had not taken the city route service.Our College had a majority of people who lived closeby in areas of Avadi ,ambattur and either sides of Avadi..in the places that were connected by the broad guage local train.So when the college left those designated 4-5 buses....at the stroke of the bell, there would be guys rushing to sit in the bus so that they catch the 4 10 train avadi station.This was followed by a mad rush of booking seats for oneself,and bulk booking's for other's.(more so popularly known in Tamil as "tuniya podu" ).Getting a seat to sit inside the Avadi bus those days was like getting an AIR DECCAN ticket today.... :-)

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