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Neither have I turned a Pakistani supporter,(even though I greatly admire Inzy as a captain), nor am I a GREEN card holder.It's just the halo of enlightenment(READ GREEN ) that is imaginably surrounding me and promises to never let go of me.

This post is all about how much of a learning experience Life was to me over the past year or so .

Interacting with many people ,I feel is my biggest asset and I have learnt quite a lot over a period of a year.Interaction with people gives you a little insight inside their world and helps one see a perspective from a different angle.

I feel glad looking back a year back ,on how I managed to get enlightened ...slowly ....but steadily

A year back,I was waiting for a interview interview call from some of the MBA institutes and after I got selected in the written test of symbiosis ,I was understandably on cloud number 9 ,but was a little dejected that I couldnt make it for the Interview at IMT Ghaziabad ,as it clashed with my symbi interview.That experience of meeting the various people who came for the interview took my out of my mundane rural setting in madipakkam to another world where the competition was thread bare.I realised the importance of having contacts and meeting up with various people of the student community,travelling all alone in a 20 odd hour train journey,spending my birthday in a dingy room , living all alone in pune for a couple of days.That was the first time in my life I was missing our "madras bashai" and I did the unthinkable ...Go for a dhanush movie paying 90 bucks at one of the mulyiplexes in Pune , just before boarding my onward journey train.

Two months after that , was probably one of my most enjoyable trekking experiences along with my friend's to the himalayas,where i learnt the importantance of having the right attitude...as when u climb the mountain's in the heat , it requires one to be in a positive frame of mind before attempting a huge task. Given on a normal day , in the chennai heat , I honestly would not prefer walking from velachery to madipakkam (2 km's),but on the himalayas we climbed mountain's and walked roughly around 10-15 kms each day.That trekking experience taught me to take challenges ,in the right spirit and attitude to scale higher altitudes(pun intended).

Soon after that was my operation ,on my tummy ,where as the doctor put it then "my intestine was in a terrible entagled mess" . Those days where I lived on just drops of water,and terribly painful injection's every now and then ,with bout's of breathlessness taught me the importance of the smaller things in life like "the very drop of water" which I had to plead with the doctor for drinking. It taught me the importance of patience , when all those painful injections were given through my vein's . ,more than that it made me to accept pain and endure it .

Finally when I got through Infy,it was like manna from heaven ...as I had seemingly worked reasonable hard for it.It was a different sense of victory ..as I was a total flop when it came to taking entrance examinations in my 12th standard. I was happy I had worked on those nerves ...and had qualified in the top few who qualified that day.

If that was the zenith ...the nadir was yet to come.The reality of living in bangalore dawned on me ,as soon as I reached there.Living with roomates who pay as much as 4000 bucks for 200 sq feet of living space.The training too was something I would never forget,as It taught me not be over-confident and take things lightly.I was made to work severely and slogged so many COBOL filled nights to finally clear the training.I must thank Infy for that , as the training there really moulded me into a tougher person.who could take on greater challenges at work.

Other than that there were quite a few personal setback's in bangalore that really made me know the world better,to recognize sinner's amongst saints.

Finally ..when I was away at work in bangalore,I realised the importance of my college friend's who were far away in chennai and the importance of being in touch with them regularly.

So to aptly summarize , life has been one heck of a roller coaster ,resembling a sine wave over the past one year.So life is indeed a great experience to live it facing all challenges.


Sush said...

well as long as the sinusoidal wave doesnt damp and there is oscillations,life will always be a pack of surprises and a lot pleasant just the way it is...:).

Praveen said...

Hey Happy New Year man :)

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