It's that time of our lives when we pose in black robes and atleast for once look academic and scholarly,resembling more of a fancy dress competition (I hear it will be yellowish pink robes) .
The joy of passing engineering is definetely there ,but somewhere deep within the sorrow of missing all the college gang is also there. I remember ,almost a year back ,on the 5th of may 2004 ,when our last exam was scheduled,the day began with a slam book spree and ended with tears of parting away.Emotional scenes were witnessed wit everyone for once forgetting all bad vibes and hugging each other...as we knew a great journey was just nearing it's expected end. I had finished my exam 20 minutes before the closing time,even after going in nearly 20 minutes late(so that would reflect how bad my exam was),as I couldnt concentrate on writing ...when one knows that the final farewell is just minutes away. The best way to have a last hurrah was in going for a holiday together. and having fun ..and we did have one helluva time trekking in the cool environs of kullu manali and skiing on the rohtang pass,tat too just after the damn exams got over . It was sad that the number of people who came got limited to 6 ,with a flurry of last minute cancellations, after an initial promising number of 16.

But somewhere down the line , it was'nt as bad as it seemed as we guys still kept meeting or bumping into each other when we wrote tests in chennai,hyderabad or for that matter bangalore. Then slowly each of us..got employed ....and there went ...the meeting's and gossip which now was limited to a GOOD MORNING and FORWARDS through email,but the bond of friendship between our gang still exists atleast from my side,as I remain in touch with almost everyone i knew from college. We decided to meet again when we decided to take a break from the humdrum of the computing world into the serenading beauty of Munnar on a weekend.

Tommorow will see a mixture of emotions...the joy of meeting everybody in the morning...and the pain of parting again.We will be transported back to our HELLISH little world for a short time when we meet everyone in the college. It is a kind of an inflexion point from where ,one may never get to see some people(as it is some are not turning up tommorow) in your life,and when I think of that possibility , my eyes just stare mutely ......in to the skies waiting for the sky to respond ..but I knowthat wont happen.

Suprisingly , the very fact that I am going to college to catch up on old friends and get my BE degree makes me feel rejuvenated to the extent that I feel like a schoolboy waiting for the diwali night to burst open that first pack of cracker's....It's been a really long time since I have had such a feeling surging through my veins. so I am waiting with unabated breath to start off that long 40 km journey,once again from Guindy railway station to Avadi ...stepping back into time one last time with my college friend's .....when the hooter on the guindy station blows off ...

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