Yesterday was one of the few days I got to leave home a little early at 7 and I happened to watch the repeat telecast of the 2nd ODI between India and Pakistan almost fully (just missed out a few over's at the start). I must say , Dhoni was a refreshing discovery for India .This lad tonks the ball ,as if he was wielding a mace at bullets ,figting a battle. The power in his arms, his positive strokeplay had me glued ...in wonder ...the last time I watched a youngster bat with such gay abandon and authority was probabaly yuvraj singh against the aussies at nairobi. This guy ,supposedly drinks 4 litres of milk every day ....as was heard from ravi shastri in the post match conference. (SEEMS A GOOD CANDIDATE FOR THE ADVERTISEMENT ON TAMIL CHANNELS "NALARAI PAAL:ARJUN AMMA " )

Dhoni's swaggering ways at the crease ,his maverick strokeplay .,his simplicity ,innocence and that rustic boldness seems to only add 1 more testimony to the theory of a "method to madness"when it comes to slogging , only second to sehwag , seems to be a treat to watch .lets hope Dhoni get's going at his Home town in Jamshedpur and also hope Ganguly gets past his BINARYPHOBIA ....

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