Generally whenever there is lot's of work to be done,I take it one by one ...and prepare my own goal statement as to when I would possibly complete it.Then I also take a few pages because half way down the work,I realise my decesion is wrong then , after some 'brain storming'with my cranium ..I decide to shift the priorities assigned and realize that the work done so far was not much and my estimation about the work was wrong. I realize that the particular specific work needed more time and after finally struggling with with it,burning midnight oil and losing sleep over it ..I finally see that the problem which I assumed as a mole-hill has now grown to be a mountain.

Finally as I finish the problem (which was a part of the whole work) ....I tend to be as euphoric as a NASA engineer ,who just sent the First Rocket to space...but soon reality dawn's that this is just the tip of the iceberg ....and there's lot more to follow. The phase between being high euphorically and realising reality is the all too familiar phase when ...things generally go wrong.

It is here where I generally get lulled into a euphoric and false sense of achievment,after which I start taking things easy ....and proceed to the remaining problem in hand ..in a very casual manner ...and again in the process start it all over again ...assuming a mountain level problem to be a molehill.....and this proceess has seemingly repeated all through my life in an infinite loop.

It takes some-one to be extremely focussed on the task on hand and monotonously still keep coming at the problem like the Australian cricket team keeps attacking the opposition in spite of the successes and failures that tag along with them. So I can see that I definetely need to understand myself much better to change my attitude.

As of now this malaise seems to be a vicious circle that has engulfed me , but It's high time I overcome this little barrier and move ahead.

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