LAN express...chuk chuk

LAN express...chuk chuk, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

We had a quiet evening spent at the Chintatripet MRTS railway station ,because of it's
ambience..and of course it's proximity to Mount Road.LAN told me about his life in hyderabad and again he transported me to his roller coaster world....where the unimaginable happen's ..but ...that's LAN ..his world..where everything seems like a mirage in a desert,but unfortunately is true.I enjoyed meeting him ...and would continue to hear from him....

He is one of those different friend's who just are " D I F F E R E N T " and it's tough for someoneto be him.He has been a great source of entertainment ...all through the college day's and even now..I just wish him the best of luck for his life......and ya I will be waiting for dear LAN to come to Chennai in the next 6 months to provide yet another roller coaster-thrilling experience....

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