It's been almost a 1.08 years since I gave up active partcipation in college level symposiums for events like quiz,adzap,paper presentations etc etc.When I was in college , I was a total enthu guy ,when it came to particpating in events and managing events. What really pepped me up was the effort of teamwork and the willingness to participate more than the result ,given the fact that the enthu levels and the contribution levels of my teammates were not upto expectations.

Now such similar feelings are surfacing again ,as in office we seem to have an intra office contest of skit's ,dances and adzap. For 1 part of the skit I will be performing a 'mimimcry show' later in the evening,and I am waiting with unabated breath for every part of the skit to run smoothly and in a synchronised manner.Our dance team takes time off after work to stay upto midnight and practice,while the skit and mad ads team have just started their work.WE had real fun practicing last night.It's really great to see many people contribute in whatever little way they can.

Whether my mimicry tickles , the funny bone of the audience or the judges is a different matter,but the sheer experience of practising last night has instilled loads of enthu ..waiting to explode into action this evening . I shall try and post some pictures of my show later tonight.

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IBH said...

Karthik, I do agree with you! there is certain rush and kick you get when u face some competition..if u are from Infy then am from the rival company :)!!! we are also having our annual meet for certain domains....and me being a part of a dance troupe of our organization.....havegreat fun practicing for dance and finding out steps and fights and wow! it is amazing! :)

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