WHO LET THE BUG'S OUT .................

Every damn job in the world at somepoint or the other seems mundane and not worth doing.I've heard so many people cribbing about their job ...calling it an unfair life. Whenever I used to see my parents back from work , I never used to understand how mentally tired they would be feeling.I would naturally feel let down ,if say they had promised an outing somewhere and they dont keep up to their promise. I used to wonder then ,when I was a kid, why were my parents into such job's where they keep cribbing every now and then. I thought they had a problem,but soon realised that this malaise is there with almost every one ,who comes back home after a tiring day at work.

I am no exception to this 'phenomenen' ..as my moods vacillate from one extreme to another,in tune with the pressures at work.Every morning ,the sight of my company inspires me to work harder ...but when I leave the company in the evening (or more so night) I feel so tired , that all I want to do is just go home and hide myself in the bed and sleep like a log , entering my much awaited ,utopian dreamworld that sometimes prevents me from going back to reality(like getting up the next day ). There are day's when I am active after work ,and sleep late at night ,after catching up on some TV,newspaper and magazines,but still find it puzzling ..as to why so much of stress creeps up ..to make me an essential escapist ,to hit the sack as soon as I reach home.

It's actually been quite some time since I did had 'night out's as I seem to be taking care of my health way too conciously after coming to Chennai after my short training stint at Bangalore.The night out's during college time were very frequent as I enjoyed browsing the net and secondly during exam time's when we would stay online ....at night just to know where each of us would be ,with respect to the portion's and of course , how can I forget those lovely SMS night's with my classmates ...where all through the night's we would be messaging important question's (which ultimately were not,on seeing the question paper's) ?

Life then in college was fun ...as it involved lots of night out's ,but no real form of stress.., but life after going for work has seemingly become more stressful ...due to the monotonous long hour's at work,using the brain for long period's trying to search for logic...which the brain only partially supports ,due to which further dependence on the brain happen's and finally the deadlock between the brain and knowledge occurs ...and damn we have no CTRL-ALT-DEL for easing us out of that situation,and hence we go into a state of mental depression,in a place where a lot of emphasis is laid on the end-results ,in a customer driven world.So the biggest block that people in general face , is to motivate themselves after a hard day at work,whichever industry they may be in ...

I must see , whether I can fix this bug over a period of time,so that life eases out ,over the next few months .....whether I fix my bed bugs or the bug's in my code ..now pales in comparison to the task in hand of sorting this attitudinal motivation problem that all we working people face.

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Sriram said...

hey dude...a very pragmatic blog...ah...so abt tht notion of infy being a respected company...i never told tht infy isnt a good company...just thot it cant be the most respected company when there r disparities in the emoluments for the same level employees and also when companies like tata's are arnd...i am really happy tht a senior of mine has gone so much ahd in establishing a reputed company like infy but cant consider tht as the most respected company...i still cant comprehend y the students frm the many engg colleges in madras r so much in enthu to join these n software companies????

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