That's where the journey started ...at guindy station

Let me take u through this small ,but eventful journey of mine.I got up ,fully charged for the D DAY...and took the train from Guindy station.This is where my journey started ... at 6 20 am ,when I came there surveying the fresh morning breeze and calm weather before MR SUN bowls us Chennai-ites out


Sibyl said...

Seems like a nice theme you've got here on local trains.

For some reason, I never travelled by local train in Chennai, though I did use it in Bombay.

Melbourne also has a large and popular public train system though, believe me, the experience here is very different.

sol said...

Hey Kartik... I'm a student in NLSIU, Bangalore and a member of the Law and Technology Committee here.

I was quite surprised to find a link to our law and tech journal (IJLT) on your blog... which the Law and Technology Committee publishes. I was wondering how you came across the journal.

Maybe we could use your input for promoting it :-)


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Great photos. The Photo of Guindy station took me back to the late 80's when I used to have my Yamaha Motorcycle parked at the stand there.

I used to take a train from Perungalathur to Guindy and then go by my bike to Mount Road.

Very Nostalgis.!! All the photos are class.!!

vijay said...

Today was my first day.

VENKY BHAI B.E.B.S said...

thanx a lt dude 4 the pics!!!!!!!! Mail me the synapse u took on ur camers.

tonnes of cheers to all the readers!!!!!!!!

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