Madipakkam in peak summer

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That's the view from my backyard at my home in the suburb of madipakkam.Our area is a low lying area and it just takes 2 days of rain to make my place an island . Normally ,for the water to dry out it would take 4-5 months ,which would mean lots of insects at night...and the added trouble is that the gutter water mixes with the lying slush of water and makes one heck of a black cocktail that stinks terribly. Sometimes I wonder why we came to this house after spending the better part of my life in Adayar.

Now the corporation had taken some movement of relaying the rod in my street and have just dug the roads,and kept mounds of stones on it,thereby making it extremely tough to park my vehicle or take out my vehicle.Now the slush factor would definetely ensure that this road laying 'project' would take a couple of months to be restarted again...until then I certainly wont be able to take my car out.

That's life....marooned on an island ....


Narayanan Venkitu said...

God Bless Madipakkam. I know what happens there during Monsoons. You have to get yout boat out.!!

Infact I feel so bad to listen to / read about these things.

Can our governments do a better job.

Navneet said...

Hey Kartik,

Your blog's really been shaping up well - good to see you still at it. I dunno if you remember me from the seminal Chennai Blogger's Meet that happened sometime in '02.

Oh, and congratulations on your graduation. :-)


Sush said...

Yah have seen tht place flooded while passing by on my way to tambaram...its in a bad state...well i guessed i escaped tht in Avadi..:)

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