BUGging !!!

I had just finished making the code changes to an application and had replaced some eralier existing code with some new code which I thought would make the app run better and show the desired result.I compiled the program ...and checked the spool ...thankfuly no errors ...but when I ran the program ...a loud beep came ...I initially could'nt fathom why that Beep was coming continously ...this wasnt even C programming ..where you get sounds of various kind's by tinkering with some Built in keywords and function...this was on the AS 400,using a language called RPG.I tried hard ,but in vain ....I couldnt figure out why the sound was coming ... every 5 minutes thereafter the monotonous beep kept on ringing ..and I insanely went about checking the monitor !! ,CPU,music system...my cupboard and shelf....searching for a possible BUG to fix.... WAIT WAIT WAIT .....just rewind back........ what ? Music system ...that too in the workplace .....something was wrong ....I just realised I was at home and the time was 1 :15 in the wee hours of saturday.I still had a vague feeling ....thanx to my dreams , that my room and my bed were my office...and like an idiot ...started groping around the room and thinking hard ...what the sound meant .and why the heck was it coming.All that could occur to me was,some where I must have done a wrong code change ...so that's why the erround sound....and after 10 such insane acts of getting up , I realize that It was my mobile alarm below my pillow that caused all the problem.

I felt like banging myself on the wall.This bout of programming and bug fixing at Office...really had a far reaching effect in my dreams to the extent that it has now started to become a regular visitor on my "night show -The dreams" .

So much so ...........When I got up this morningI had a good laugh at myself ...for the crazy antic early this morning.

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Neel Arurkar said...

Hey! That was a good one

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