Clouds loom large

Clouds loom large, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

The sudden change in the weather in Chennai yesterday,was a welcome one considering the oppressive heat.All of a sudden , there were gushing winds ...leaves falling off trees,the usual powercuts because of the rains and of course short waterlogged streets ...that afflicted Chennai in the aftermath of the showers.This picture is in my office ..at sholinghanallur ,a good 25 km's from the city...where the rain's were not that fierce as was witnessed in the city.

Generally If one were to bike in this weather , it would be bliss...more so in accordance with Bajaj CALIBER'S tagline "W I N D B I K I N G "

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Razer said...

Hey Kartik,

Loved your blog... Though I'm not so sure you intended ppl to find it off the blue; it being your personal diary, of course. Anyway, there is this one thing which compelled me to leave a comment on your blog, and that concerns a mistake you made. One which is as painful to me as ignonimity itself...

W I N D B I K I N G, is a tag-line for the Kawasaki-Bajaj Wind125, and not its poorer cousin - the caliber. I guess that calibers being the dominant bajaj vehicle on the road, have bulldozed the more powerful wind in terms of public recognition.

But no harm done... I'm gratified to see that there is one other dude who loves the wind as much as I do :)

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