Patience ? Do i Have enough ?

I have lived in Chennai for the last 15 years ( + 8 days) ..and seemingly have never really complained about the climate here ,throughout the year.There have been occaissons when the heat has become intolerable ,but living closer to the sea(adyar) or my present home(madipakkam) amidst open surrounding's the breeze has been one heat assuaging factor . But off late I seem to have changed so much in my attitude towards the heat and the sweaty times of Chennai.I cant seem to stand 5-10 minutes in the road's ...sweat starts to trickle down almost immideately and a sense of uneasiness follows with my eyes popping up and me starting to grimace too often ,looking in the direction of the sun ....and wondering ...what the heck is that "alien " doing here ?

Why the change ?

After spending a good 8-9 hours in the cool confines of the AC ...when I come back home , my body's so used to the cool air ...that the 30-35 room temparature now seems unbearable...so one of the things I decided to bravely splurge was in getting a an AC for my room. After that ....I hardly walk in to the hall ...or the other rooms ...as now my body seems to have been drugged to the chill air of my AC and it seems like heaven when I am in my room....but a hot warm hell outside it.

My mother seems to be pretty wary of the fact that if one gets used to AC..then it's hard to adjust to the normal room temparature and stays away from the AC...alternating between the warmer-than-room temperature kitchen and the hall ...getting abosrbed in the so-called- SAAS BAHU...epics being dished out on TV.But every now an then she comes into my room .....not for getting a whiff of cool air , but to monitor the AC usage ...as given a chance I'd love the AC running ....on and on ...just as in Office.....but what to do .... this ain't office and we cant have a huge bill on the AC...given the already growing list of expenditure ....

So even though I may have not changed by heart,the way i think or any of my other habit's over the years...one thing is certain ....the tolerance levels due to the heat , have gone down ....and I certainly dont see this as a cause for worry but really feel ....just move on with times .......... and with the needs.. ..of course within the ambits of my purse.


joshy said...

hey kannu...u could better get a transfer to bangalore...its centralised A/c throughout..:-)

Sush said...

my stupid explorer wouldnt open the comment link for the latest midnight post..;) so me commenting here..seems like you have had some kinda torturous ordeal!!poor you i guess from now on you will have your RC book with ya always...lest you have to shell out more penny's! Keep writing.:).

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