Revathi madam

Revathi madam, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

She was my chemistry teacher till the 10th standard and tried hard to disprove my theory that there seemed to be no 'chemistry' between me and the subject.I initially struggled through the 9th standard chemistry with the concepts of avagaddarro's number,mole and molecule giving me sleepless nights..but slowly managed to get a hang of these concepts.

Revathi ma'm lived very close to my earlier house in adayar(jeevarathnam nagar).I remember an extremely funny incident where once during my summer holidays ...at about 8 30 in the night , I spotted her at a local departmental store (Prestige stores) and those days, for some reason , my paranoia towards Chemistry made me a little scared of her...and the moment I saw her ....My eyes opened really wide..and my adam's apple moved a cycle down ...heart skipped a beat...and in the melee ..i said "GOOD MORNING MA'M " and fled the place without collecting the 3rs change the shop owner had to give me.To this date I cant help laughing ...at that Incident.

She was talking on how sophisticated the school had become and how the facilities have improved,but somehow she felt that the simplicity in students had been eroded in the current generation, unlike our's where ,If i remember we even had classes in the open ground under trees.

I simply echo her feeling's .THOSE WERE THE DAYS .....

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