can i have some petrol ?

can i have some petrol ?, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

Last Sunday ..a couple of days back..I decided to leave for office to complete some pensing work..and my good intentions were laid to rest ..whe my bike conked off a 100 metrs from my office.I discovered that the Petrol tank had almost gone broke...and was unwilling to part with last drops of petrol it had to set the bike brimming with kinetic energy.

The nearest Petrol bunk was near the digital zone building of TCS ..a couple of kilometres away.Some wayside guy ..told me that the opposite direction had a petrol bunk within the vicinity of a kilometere...(which was actually 2 and a half more ). I follwed his advice and proceeded pushing my bike ...against the scorching morning sun...unmindful of the distance ahead.Then all of a sudden a good samaritan popped up and stopped his TVS 50 moped , to take out some petrol and donated it to my bike...through a make shift slice bottle strewn on the road.

But my bike you see, would like only fresh virgin petrol and not used petrol....it condescended to start on this petrol that the man offered.A few passerby's offered help by blowing into the petrol tank hard....so that the little petrol inside could actually be used to start the bike and just transport me to the nearest petrol bunk.........

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joshy said...

dei pavam pathu help pannavangala blogla pottu kalaikiriya
unaku petrola thandhu iruka kudadhu.......unnoda bika mathuda..

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