DRINK AND DRIVE, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

This is one place where DRINK AND DRIVE is ok ... The small car is called a "KART" ...which is powered by a battery genset and gon to speeds of around 60-80 km's hour. I had a first hand experience about what formula 1 driving and racing is all about.The way the "kart " skids is so much so in sync with reality. It was great fun hitting other cars and racing at 70 km's/ hour speed ....though barring 2 bad crashes...where my vehicle went out of control ,coz the brakes didnt work on a sharp turn and imagine turning at 60km/hour on a u shaped curve....!!!

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tamilan said...

kartik kanna
peela udatha. brake pidikila na udambu pinjidum. brakay olunga amuku

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