College get-to-gether

I am really happy to announce that I am co-organzing a "vel-tech" get2gether next sunday, the 26th of june at Blue Lagoon resort along ECR. So any college mate of mine who comes across this blog and wants to come ,please register by shoting across an email to me (kartik dot kannan at gmail dot com ).It will be time to relive , some old memories get back on gossip ...more so the college days gossip ...and of course just trace back the path to our days of innocence and fun.

Only a few seem to have actively responded by mails , but a larger part of the junta still need to be informed. We initially thought about having it at a hill/resort ..but decided that It wouldnt be possible for every one to come at such a short notice ..that too with so much travel...and given the rush for tickets ,one would never be sure of a reserved ticket to and fro. So we decided that we would throw in a lunch,have some beach cricket,volley ball and of course chat along the coast about our life we have lived....post may 2004 .We have bumped into each other some time or the other....and hope this bumping in is actually major fun.

It feels good to be doing this and seeing others actively come forward to holding such an event. When you have some happiness , there is always the flipside to it..with certain charecters avoiding this totally and mocking at it...who would not come ,even if they happen to be in the same city ...... and its some time hard to belive that they dont seem to treasure memories of college life.But that's life ...managing friends of all kinds and accepting them for what they are..

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