Rajendran sir

Rajendran sir, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

Rajendran sir has been by teacher for maths from as early as class 5.He has been assosiated with our school for a very long time. He used to be totally involved in the subject ,when he used to teach us.It was he who taught me that I have a terrible weakness for numbers and he who actually pulled me ot of the rubble of the paranioa of numbers ...by specifically focussing attention on me,so that I worked harder at my math.

I still remember the days when I used to doze of in his class,He would get so angry ...that he used to say ...the only way i can improve is " to have a pot of water above my head ....and make drops of water fall from the pot right on me ...so that I stay awake.

I only wish he had followed that,as the habit of dozing off has been sinceerly implemented from school thru college and now in office(especially the first few minutes after a heavy lunch).

It was so glad and heartening meeting him and some of the other teachers.


Anonymous said...

Oh, also, RR Sir [You guys didnt cll him that?] is becoming VP
And he is still mentally involved in his math. Its his life. Literally!

sushma said...

can u get me rajendran sir's mobile no. cuz am tryin to find out for past 1 week..


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