My Modem is busier than me !!!

I realize that the days of free bandwith would be over 288 hours from today .So My modem is being tasked to the max ...as I keep downloading audio's and video's.In quite a short time I have downloasded around 10 Gb of video's and song's and ya a few movies too. I'l have to write all the data soon on to a CD ...as it's slowly crowding my harddrive. When I have to download a movie ..my comp stays on through out the night ..and some times works more than 24 hrs a day ....works harder than me at times...bovinely downloading data.

There are times when my Modem takes a "data break" (equivalent of our cofee breaks !!!) by losing the connections abruptly ...and it takes ages sometimes to get the connection back.BSNL Broadband really does not live up to the expectations ,but atleast it's made me downlaod things that I previously never belive would have happened with a dial up.(like a 700 mb movie....)

My friends and I have got a downloading network amongst us ..where we've got some good english and hindi movies....but am hardly able to find quality DIV x MOVIES in tamil.Any ways ..it's back to downloading again ........287.5 hours to go now ...


keerthi said...

Karthik Kannan Iyer, first-time on your blog.

I belong to your caste - BSNL Broadband Caste. Mail me about your inventory, and ill mail mine. Let us exchange Hard Disks, and double our movies.

Im currently downloading Hitch and Mr. and Mrs. Smith

mail me - keerthivasan@gmail.com

Ganesh S said...

yo wats up ganesh from www.rupya.com , i have lot of divx movies even dvds of latest film frm chandramukhi to mumbai express if you want get it frm me , im coming back to chennai for good in october , will let you knw

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