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old memories, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

That's our correspondent(Tara satyanarayanan) and Vice principal (sashikala sriram). They have been with this school since it's inception and it was glad to see them still there.Sashikala madam ,initially (class 5 -6) in a way was a terror....as her exterior image would project..but was a very nice teacher and a very friendly person .One of her biggest qualities was that she could even make the weakest students in the class not feel lonely and would give them confidence by personally interacting with them.

She knows each student very well ...primarily beacuse our school was a very small one , like one united family...more so an extension of gurukula...where every one had time for interacting and enjoying the small pleasures of life.Now given the fact that the school has 3 sections per class ...it would be quite an onerous task remembering names. But seriously ,even if a teacher forgets ur name ..she would defintetly remember ur antics ...and the way u were in school and nothing can be more rewarding for them , than seeing their students succesful after they've graduated out of school and meeting up with them.This was one such occaission.


Dileepan said...

Dei KK,

Really so glad that you have put these photos up da. Glad to see that the school is doing well. And, do continue to post about the school as and when you can. Great work.


Anonymous said...

Hey. Just thought Id let you know... Sashikala's becoming the principal no :) Nathan's moved on to become.. Some sort of dean of the "group of schools".. which now includes "BVM Global", if you've not heard of it as yet. Its a weekly residential school thats coming up somewhere on the ECR, near Kancheepuram.

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