Nagesh Posing for a Pic

Nagesh Posing for a Pic, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

This was taken after his lecture was over.I asked him which was his favourite tune/soundtracks among the movies he's amde.I was expecting "ashaayen "from iqbal ..but he said ..on personal reasons it has to be the soundtrack of rockford.

Another thing that I noted was he never expected IQBAL to kae such an impact as it did.He said that movies with an underdog mentality seem to go down with the Indian masses and he was suprised when a 6 year old kid, in his locality saw the movie and said "this movie gives me the powr that i can do anything" ..so this illustrates the power of the medium called movies and how it can influence people.

I felt Swades by SRK too had a similar feel about it ,but somewhere down the line the general audience,who liked the movie...didnt belive in its feasibility.

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Starry-eyed Shruti said...

Oh I'm so in love with this man!!! And that's how I landed here. Lucky you got to see him live!

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