Which Came First ?

The Chick or the BABE ?--->The argument continues .....

God created man ..and since man was feeling lonely and was feeling bored of being gay and same sex marriages...they decided to have some more features that would enhance man's desire ... Man after having driven autos and pumping horns ..wanted a similar device ....and lo god ..incorporated ..his requirements and also fed him lactose with the same intstrument incorporated in the top floor of the new human being caled female.... and slowly when mankind could not do work in 24 hrs ..he added 12 mour hours on alternate days ..and thus arrived the 36-24-36 funda.... God knew that men loved trekking in caves around forests ..and so created a jungle in the new human model called female where the man..used to park his vehicle to rest in peace.

now when the new human ....i mean the female was created ...then a sheep passed by and the man was reminded of his teachers poem.."Ba Ba ...blacksheep" and started singing BA " ..before ....the female came in front of him ...to ask him clothes ..to cover her body...and when man saw god's latest creation..he stood dumbfounded ...and was gazing at God's structural marvel....which was later the reason attributed to every man's success...and uttered just one word..."B" ...seeing a B shaped body part on the female...and thus combining the "BA " and the "B" ..the word babe..was coined ....and ever since ....when soon enough the chick also came into being ....mankind has been fighting world wars ..since then...in deciding...whether the Chick came first or the babe...

I heard that George bush..is spending... millions of crores in trying to ward of the WMD (Weapens of mass dstruction- (a.k.a) the eyes and lips of a woman ) as it is proving to be too distracting for american presidents to stay put with work.... much to bill clinton's consternation.

(This was typed in response to a query in a discussion forum. on sulekha ..some things may not fall in place ...this was whatever I could think of in 5 quick minutes ..so dont mind the crap )


Anonymous said...

although you have got the message across,the language you have used is vulgra in the extreme. u cud have used much subtler english to convey it. i am not a culture policeman/policewoman but it wud be nice if u wud tone down ur brashness in the future. but ur posts r very good,especially ur english.

Anonymous said...

That was really groase...mind your language. I am forwarding this article to the Moral police in TN.

Take this article off immediately and apologize on your blog before things get worse.

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Just came here while I was navigating. Though many things are true people cant accept it being written or spoken ;) So beware :) and You have nice postings. Keep writing!

Have a nice day,
Ponnarasi Kothandaraman

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